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Inparalog and Orthologs cluster for Arabidopsis thaliana and Brachypodium distachyon
Cluster 10124
Protein ID Species Score Bootstrap Description Alternative ID
Q9SUA9 Arabidopsis thaliana 1 100% Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.4 DOF44_ARATH (UniProt)
Q9SUB0 Arabidopsis thaliana 0.447 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.3 DOF43_ARATH (UniProt)
Q9SUB1 Arabidopsis thaliana 0.407 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.2 DOF42_ARATH (UniProt)
O49550 Arabidopsis thaliana 0.398 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.5 DOF45_ARATH (UniProt)
I1IR10 Brachypodium distachyon 1 100% Uncharacterized protein I1IR10_BRADI (UniProt)
I1I847 Brachypodium distachyon 0.222 Uncharacterized protein I1I847_BRADI (UniProt)
I1J3D7 Brachypodium distachyon 0.058 Uncharacterized protein I1J3D7_BRADI (UniProt)